About the program

This program offers our best performing athletes the opportunity to participate in high level training, assessments and other programs that will enhance their performance. Our athletes meet twice a week before school (7:30am-8:30am) both in and outside of the college to engage in these sessions. Athletes selected for the program make a significant personal commitment to the program and to maintain their academic performance as well as continue to be involved with their local community sporting club.

Selection Process

Student athletes are required to go through an extensive application and selection process that requires them to be supported and endorsed by their local club and their Physical Education teacher. Applications are open to students across all year levels (7-10) and approximately 20 students are selected for each 20-week program. Our aim is to provide the opportunity to excel for students in their local community regardless of the sport they play, where they live or their socio economic background.

"I love pushing myself in SDP. I train hard and it seems to be paying off. I really enjoy getting out in the community to train with different professionals." - Jackson Fitzgerald, Year 8

Our Support

The program is offered free of charge to all students. This includes all aspects of their coaching and training. The college provides a teacher who works with the students as well as specialist coaches and trainers who conduct sessions to support the students in their different sporting fields. Students are given breakfast after every early morning session to ensure they are fuelled for their upcoming school day and are provided with their own specific SDP uniform, which they wear with pride.

For more information about the Sports Development Program, please contact Lauren Morris on (03) 5446 8099.


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