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General News

Term 2 is well and truly underway. As usual, it will be an exciting term with plenty of special events and things to do. One of our CORE Values is 'Opportunities'; we hope that each of our students will get involved this term with the countless opportunities that we offer here at Eaglehawk Secondary College.

From Monday the 29th of May, students will be completing an Attitudes to School survey, offered by the Department of Education and Training. The feedback given to us by students helps us to improve your child's schooling experience. Please click here for more information. 

Just a reminder to parents/carers of year 7 students that the second round of immunisations is coming up on Wednesday 31st May - in this visit, students will receive 1 dose of Gardasil (Human Papillomavirus). The final round of immunisations will be held on Friday 27th October - in this visit, students will receive the final dose of Gardasil as well as the Chickenpox vaccine.

As of the 29th May 2017, Homework Club will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays in our college library, until the end of the term. This is a great chance for students to come along and receive some assistance with their homework from our friendly team member Steph. 


Attention Country Bus Travellers:

The School Bus Program in Bendigo is currently unable to accept any bus changes for existing travellers on the country buses. This includes adhoc travel (casual travel on a different bus).

Applications are currently being accepted for new permanent travellers for term 2 (this includes students who have moved house or school of enrolment).

Travel application forms may be accessed via your child’s school or here. Applications should be lodged with your child’s school.

Parents are encouraged to access the School Bus Program Policy and Procedures, January 2016, located here.

Students residing within 1.6km of public transport are expected to utilise these services.

Information on public transport services in Bendigo may be accessed by phoning Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 or via PTV's Journey Planner.


 Upcoming dates to remember:

Adolescents on Social Media: Guide for Parents  

The school has purchased a series of short videos covering a range of information, parenting strategies and suggestions designed to help parents better understand how young people are interacting on social media, and what they can do to guide their children in avoiding issues relating to reputation, privacy and online bullying. Click here for more information.